Infrared Heat Lamp Desk Model(Heat Therapy & Light Therapy) 110 V. including Bulb + 6mo. Warranty, (free Shipping), Made in Korea


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as of 12/06/2021 (Details)

Each Infrared Lamp includes a 1 page manual (double sided). The manual lists instructions for operating the lamp. It fully identifies each part of the lamp. The manual may offer recommendations as well. The lamp base is 12 x 13 inches. When the remote controller is plugged in, the main control panel is disabled. WARRANTY INFORMATION 6 Months Limited Warranty of Parts (Not including Bulb) and Labor Only. Freight cost is not included in the warranty. 11 lbs,(21x17x13") - Dimensions for Packing Box

Technical Details

  • Infrared Heat Lamp/ADJUSTABLE NECK adjustable heat with easy maneuver dial control, 110V Height 31
  • Durable quiet timer clockwise up to 60 minutes, Covered Lamp as a plate for protection against heat.
  • This is not for medical purpose. It is for Skin Care, Sauna, Beauty Salon and Personal use.
  • Height (lowest): 22

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