Instant Clear Coat 24042

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INSTANT CLEAR COAT is a ready to use clear coat in an aerosol. It is used for finishing coated surfaces in order to achieve a high gloss, UV resistant,durable finish. Once cured INSTANT CLEAR COAT has a very high gloss and a mirror image depth.NO ISOCYANATES var urlAddress =; var frame = urlAddress.indexOf("ItemDescV4"); if(frame < 0) { var hashSpot = urlAddress.indexOf("hash=item"); if(hashSpot > -1) { var urlAddress = location.pathname; var slashSpot = urlAddress.lastIndexOf("/"); var ebayItemID = urlAddress.substring(slashSpot+1); } else { var itemFound = urlAddress.indexOf("item="); var ebayItemID = urlAddress.substring(itemFound+5); var amperSpot = ebayItemID.indexOf("&"); if(amperSpot > -1) {ebayItemID = ebayItemID.substring(0,amperSpot)}; } } var seller="kustompaintsupply"; var flash_code=''; document.write(flash_code);

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