INSTEON 2843-222 Wireless Open/Close Sensor

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INSTEON Open/Close Sensor is a magnetic contact sensor that wirelessly controls lights and appliances throughout your house. When magnetic contact is broken, such as a door or window being opened, Open/Close Sensor can do things like turn on lights, set the thermostat to its comfort setting, or trigger a custom event in HouseLinc 2. Gain the peace of mind knowing that you'll be alerted when the back door sneaks ajar or the side window slides open. Useful for doors, windows, drawers, sheds, cabinets, and anything else that opens, Open/Close Sensor is a wireless, easy-to-use solution for adding convenience and awareness to any INSTEON-controlled home. An AA battery is required and included.

Technical Details

  • Automatically control lights and appliances when doors open and close
  • Wire standard security sensors to TriggerLinc to monitor several doors and windows
  • Battery-operated for easy installation
  • Excellent range - up to 150-Feet from nearest Access Point or other dual-band product
  • Battery included

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