Irwin Naturals C.l.A. Lean Body Fat Reduction Supplement, 80 Count


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as of 11/30/2021 (Details)

CLA Lean Body Fat Reduction helps reduce body fat and increase muscle tone. When used in conjunction with moderate exercise and a sensible diet, this product can help you achieve more optimal body composition.

Technical Details

  • Research has demonstrated CLA's role in the maintenance of body weight through its favorable effect on body composition
  • Studies have shown that CLA blocks a portion of the body's fat-storing enzyme (called lipoprotein lipase), which supports a decrease in body fat and increase in muscle tissue (lean body mass)
  • CLA Lean Body Fat Reduction supplies 3400 mg of CLA per maximum daily dose to support healthy weight management
  • It also delivers a combination of next generation oils that are known for promoting health and vitality
  • Easy to swallow liquid soft gels for fast and efficient delivery

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