iSpring F7-GAC 1-Year Replacement Filter Set for 5-stage RO Filters (7pcs 2SED 2GAC 2CTO 1T33, no membrane)


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as of 06/12/2021 (Details)

2 x 1st Stage: 5 micron 10-inch high-capacity polypropylene filter blocks sediment, sand, dust, particles, and rust. Lasts 6 - 12 months dependsing on water quality. 2 x 2nd Stage: 5 micron 10-inch Granular Activated Carbon absorbs gets rid of unpleasant chlorine, tastes and odors, cloudiness and colors. Lasts 6 - 12 months dependsing on water quality. 2 x 3rd Stage: 5 micron 10-inch CTO Carbon Block absorbs any residual chlorine, tastes & odors, plus compounding pre-filters' efficiency and extending membrane's life. Lasts 6 - 12 months dependsing on water quality. 1 x 5th Stage: 1 micron 10-inch Total Polishing Inline Carbon absorbs any possible residual tastes and odors. Lasts 9 - 12 months dependsing on water quality.

Technical Details

  • Built in USA Ultra high capacity replacement NSF certified filter set for reverse osmosis systems
  • Include 7 pieces of 10" x 2.5" filter cartridges, last 6 - 12 months depending on source water quality
  • 2 Sediments 1st stage, 2 GAC 2nd stage, 2 CTO 3rd stage, 1 Post carbon 5th stage, all individually wrapped for freshness Fits iSpring 5-stage, 6-stage & 7 stages systems: RCC7, RCC7P, RCC7AK, RCC7P-AK, RCC7U, RCC7AK-UV, RCC1UP, RCC1UP-AK
  • Also fits most RO systems with 10" standard filter housings such as Flowmatic, PuROLine, Crystal Quest, Apec, and etc.

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