Israel, My Home


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Israel my home is a book about the land of Israel and about the spirit of its people. Israel has inspired many poets, scientists, thinkers and artists from all over the world. The story of this land stretches back to the origin of the world. The exceptional light of its dawns and sunsets lends a sense of infinity to the horizon which is a stark contrast to such an infinitesimal country. This sensation is accentuated by the mirages of the desert, the reflections of clouds in the lakes and seas and the echoes of such familiar names as galil, negev, tiberias and many more. All of them appear as geography in the bible. In Israel, "hatikvah", hope, is not just a word, it is a miracle in the making, reinvented everyday. The notion of a start-up nation was launched in this land centuries ago. Here, the mystical is tangible and time gives the ephemeral a taste of permanence. Israel is unique and multiple. It's the place i have chosen to live. I love it unconditionally. It is my home.

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