It Is The Now – Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension – Book 4

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It Is The Now, is the final book for the series Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension. At least, it is the final book for NOW. The journey of the four books flowed from the Pleiades to Earth and back again over several generations of Pleiadians that were human and humans that were Pleiadian. In the fourth book, it was the NOW to pull the many stories into one cohesive finale. Whereas the first three books were more about transcendence of humans and Pleiadians, Book 4 presented a possible reality in which both humans and Pleiadians, with the help of Mytrian and the Arcturian, could serve in unity to transcend a planet. It Is The NOW is a “science fiction” that presents a possible reality of “scientific fact.” Join us on our inter-galactic and inter-dimensional travels that bring us back to creating a new home.

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