Jack Benny: Oh Rochester (Old time radio)


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In the realm of unforgettable radio voices, there is one that stands head and shoulders above all others -- one distinctive voice that could never be convincingly duplicated, one that brought its owner undreamed of success. It was a voice of sandpaper and gravel and rusty scrap iron, rasping over a nation's loudspeakers for more than thirty years. The one and only: Rochester. As Benny's valet, he was a servant, but he was never servile. From the start, Rochester had his boss sized up and knew exactly how to manipulate him to suit his own purposes. This collection brings you some of Rochester's finest moments with Jack, Mary Livingston, Don Wilson, Phil Harris, Kenny Baker, and Dennis Day. Includes a detailed Program Guide by radio historian Elizabeth McLeod. EPISODES INCLUDE: The Train Porter 03-28-37; Jack's Movie 06-20-37; Submarine D-1 02-27-38; Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 12-07-41; Doc Benny's Minstrel Show 03-29-42; Host Orson Welles Takes Cast to His Movie Lot 03-21-43; Jack Pretends He Is Going to Brazil 10-31-43; Jack Has a Pet Camel 01-09-44; Joe Louis Acts as Jack's Bodyguard 11-11-45; Tire Trouble 11-25-45; Jack Gets A Haircut 11-10-46; Allen's Alley 05-25-47; Going to Denver for March-Of-Dimes Benefit 01-11-48; On the Train to Hollywood 01-25-48; Spring Cleaning 03-27-49; Sagebrush Soap Contest 03-12-50; A Cup of Coffee, a Sandwich and Murder 11-12-50; Grassreek Fluff 12-03-50; Jack Takes the Beavers to the Zoo 05-11-52; Jack Writes Thank-You Notes 12-27-53

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