Jack Benny Tale Talls (Old Time Radio)

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Jack Benny was a fearless combat pilot, a brilliant-but-troubled surgeon, the terror of the high seas, and the hero of every conceivable caper. There was nothing Jack Benny couldn't do, or hadn't done. To hear him tell it, anyway. The classic Benny persona fit hilariously into hundreds of ridiculous roles, from rough-and-ready adventurers to athletic heroes to romantic lovers and back again. Here's a collection of some of Jack's most fabulous guises! Includes eight digitally restored and remastered episodes, and a Program Guide by radio historian Elizabeth McLeod! EPISODES INCLUDE: From Glen View AFB, Illinois 02-11-45; Eighty-Five Thousand Dollar Bet 10-28-45; Edward, My Son 09-18-49; I Was Betrayed 01-22-50; The Champion 03-19-50; King Solomon's Mines 01-07-51; My Naval Career 03-30-52; Scoop Benny 10-05-52

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