Jet-Lube Marine Grade Anti-Seize, 1/2 lbs Brush Top Can


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as of 04/17/2021 (Details)

Jet-Lube marine grade anti-seize is designed for to replace conventional metallic anti-seize, having marine pollutant restrictions. This non-metallic formula allows this product to be shipped offshore and around the world to replace items containing copper. Ideally suited for offshore and marine environments where high humidity and salt water affect the performance of the anti-seize. Suited for applications where high nickel alloys, zinc coated fasteners, and can be used to protect metal surfaces from corrosion related to exposure to the elements. Recommended Application: For nut and bolt assemblies: apply the anti-seize to the starting threads of the bolt, allowing the material to travel down the threads with the nut. Then apply on the surface between the nut and flange to allow the product to eliminate metal to metal contact. This will build a shield between the two metal surfaces. No metallic components with highly water resistant. Extreme temperature greater than 2600 degrees F. Not considered a marine pollutant. Suited for high humidity offshore environments, Extreme pressure and bushability to -65 degrees F. Nonconductive Organic formula, High film strength. NSF Registered and MIL-PRF-907E.

Technical Details

  • Blend of molybdenum and graphite in a high temp grease carrier, extreme pressure, high load anti-seize
  • This blend of inert materials makes this product compatible with all materials where nickel and copper have compatibility related issues
  • Low coefficient of friction makes this product a good choice for rough cut threads made of cast iron, black steel and high nickel alloys
  • Up to 2400 degrees F, No VOC
  • Suited for high humidity offshore environments

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