Jet-Lube MP-50 Multi Purpose Non-Melting Moly Paste, 1 lbs Plug Top Can

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MP-50 was developed for applications where extreme high loads are present, like center bowl lubrication points for rail cars and walking cams for dragline cranes. This product is highly saturated with molybdenum disulfide in a thick non-melt grease base for stay put properties. MP-50 is designed to handle high pressure and high heat applications like mandrel forming presses and is used as a valve stem lubricant for many OEM valve manufacturers. 50 percent Moly paste. Brushable. Color - black. -300 degree F to 750 degree F (-184 degree C to 399 degree C). Organic clay mixture with moly. Non-melting formula. 300000 psi contact stress load. NAVSEA TMS S 9558-AA-MMA-100. Personal precautions: wear nitrile gloves and protective overalls. Environmental precautions: do not allow it to enter drains. Spillage: scrape up bulk, then wipe up remainder with cloth. To prevent walking hazard, pick up remaining residue with diatomaceous earth. Handling: no special handling precautions necessary. Storage: do not store at elevated temperatures. Respiratory protection: none needed. Hand protection: nitrile gloves for hypersensitive persons. Eye protection: glasses, if applied to parts in motion. Body protection: overalls. Main hazards - health effects eyes: may cause irritation. Inhalation: viscous nature may block breathing passages if inhaled. Ingestion: may cause diarrhea. Skin: for hypersensitive persons, may irritate the skin after prolonged periods of contact. Size: 1 lbs plug top can.

Technical Details

  • Lead free
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Lowers friction
  • Water resistant
  • Nonmelting, prevents stick-slip

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