Journey Into Meditation: Guided Meditations for Healing, Insight & Manifestation

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In Journey into Meditation, Lisa Guyman guides you into a chakra healing meditation, a meditation for accessing your intuition, and a meditation for manifesting. Her soothing voice is backed by the tranquil musical compositions of Rob Wallace creating the perfect combination for deep meditation.This CD contains three guided meditations: Mystic Waterfall: a meditation for chakra healing. Cleanse your chakras in this healing waterfall meditation while consciously letting go of patterns that no longer serve you. With chakra healing your can bring greater harmony and balance into your life. 20:24. Inner Wisdom: a meditation for receiving insight. Connect with your intuitive self and receive valuable guidance on many key aspects of your life, from your life purpose to work and love. 18:24. Life Visualization:a meditation for manifestation. In this guided meditation, empower and energize yourself while envisioning yourself manifesting your goals and dreams. When we create a virtual reality of what we desire complete with emotions, pictures and positive energy we attract it faster. With this meditation you can activate the law of attraction as discussed in The Secret. 20:27. About the Artist: Lisa Guyman is a Chopra Meditation Instructor and Reiki Master who offers Primordial Sound Meditation classes, Reiki classes and transformational work. She had been guiding students and clients in meditation for years when she was urged to make her meditations more widely available. Lisa Guyman believes it is essential for us to re-charge our batteries and also to pause and reflect upon where we are in our lives and where we want to go. With these meditations the listener can find healing and renewal while also tuning into their inner wisdom, dreams and desires and re-awakening a larger vision for their lives. In 1997 Lisa Guyman took a leap of faith and quit her corporate career in Detroit and moved across the country to Denver, where she didn t know anyone, to start a holistic practice. Other CDs by Lisa Guyman: Journey through Reiki: Complete Treatments, Principles, Instruction and Music-5 CD set by Lisa Guyman. Journey into Meditation: Guided Meditations for Relaxation, Insight and Renewal. Brainwave Training for Awakening the Mind CD by Lisa Guyman and James Ripley.

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