K9 Joint Relief, Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs, Relieves Hip and Joint Pain, 32 Ounce


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as of 12/07/2021 (Details)

Help Your Dog Stay Free from Joint Pain - Guaranteed! Listen, if you're anything like my wife and I, your dog is more than just an animal. They're one of the family. So the last thing you want to see is your dog in pain. But just like us, as they age their joints begin to deteriorate. And of course this deterioration can cause excruciating pain and can even be disabling. You can choose to use prescription anti inflammatory medications, homemade medication and pain killers, aspirin... or nutritional supplements specifically designed to support healthy joints. No matter what type of medicine you choose as a pain reliever, you just want their discomfort to go away.  You want it gone - preferably without strong meds. That's Where K9 Joint Relief Comes InK9 Joint Relief is a Veterinarian Recommended and Approved, superior quality, all natural hip and joint supplement. It's manufactured in the U.S. in a state-of-the-art FDA approved facility under strict quality assurance guidelines. All ingredients are sourced in the U.S. We use a highly palatable liquid formula because liquid supplements have been shown to have a higher absorption rate than pills, capsules, soft chews or even chewable treats. It's also simple to use. Just pour it over their food or mix it in their water. Beware! Many dogs have a shellfish allergy.  Our glucosamine is shellfish free, unlike that in Nutramax Dasuquin, Cosequin DS with ASU, Naturvet, Missing Link, Nupro, Pet Naturals and Vetri Science Glyco Flex ii and iii.  DGP doesn't contain glucosamine. You'll be Helping Rescue Dogs TooWe donate 5% of the proceeds from each sale to organizations that rescue and care for homeless dogs. Money Back Guarantee If You'd Like Your Dog To Live a Long Comfortable Happy Healthy Life, Order a Bottle of K9 Joint Relief Today!

Technical Details

  • Maximum strength joint supplement helps your dog stay active, healthy, happy, pain-free and enjoying life; designed for dogs in all stages of life; for younger healthy dogs it provides the building blocks for healthy joints, bones and connective tissue
  • In older or larger dogs with joint issues, it rebuilds and strengthens cartilage, reduces joint inflammation and associated pain, naturally lubricates and helps soothe sore achy joints, and increases flexibility and mobility
  • Maximum strength formula contains: 1500 mg of glucosamine, 1200 mg of chondroitin, 1500 mg of msm, and a synergistic blend of 5 other joint supporting nutrients
  • Depending on the size of your dog, one 32 ounce bottle contains between 32 and 192 initial daily doses and then after 6 to 8 weeks (dosage is cut in half) you'll get between 64 and 384 daily maintenance doses
  • Full 1 year money back guarantee; Veterinarian recommended and approved; all natural product; made in the USA; All ingredients sourced in the USA; Bonus: 5% of the proceeds from each sale are donated to organizations that rescue and care for homeless dogs

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