Karen K. Stone More Quilts: Projects and Fabric Libraries for Your Electric Quilt 7 Software


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as of 02/08/2023 (Details)

Use EQ7 to open 11 of Karen's most spectacular quilts. Print the patterns as she designed them, or edit them to make your own. This is a wonderful collection of Karen's most sought-after designs -- both new and popularly sold out -- and it also includes 1,675 fabrics for your EQ7 fabric library. Karen is known for her artistic eye when combining fabrics in her quilts. And now you can use this fabric library with Karen's artistry in mind. Use these ready-made projects just as Karen designed them, or use the quilts as a starting point for your own designs. Print the patterns and start sewing. Or recolor and redesign until you've made the quilt your own. The CD includes EQ7 projects for 11 quilts, including 2 quilts also patterned in her popular book, Karen K. Stone Quilts*: Indigo A-Go-Go; New York Beauty; U.L.S.2; McCommas Beauty; Enticement; Spinning Stars; Summer Star*; Vicious Circles; Delirious*; Untitled; Wild Women Don't Get the Blues. As a bonus, the CD provides Karen's original sewing instructions for each quilt as a PDF, making them easy to view and print as needed. System requirements: Requires EQ7 to work; CD-ROM drive; 170 MB hard disk space. Note: The patterns cannot be printed directly from the CD. The project files are installed to the My EQ7 folder to be opened within EQ7. Use EQ7 to print the patterns.

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