Kawasaki Motor Mount 650 SX /X2 /Jetmate /TS /SC /750 SS /XI /750 SXI /ZXI /XiR /750 STX /XI Sport /SXI Pro 92160-3757


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1987 Kawasaki 650 SX Motor Mount1988 Kawasaki 650 SX Motor Mount1989 Kawasaki 650 SX Motor Mount1990 Kawasaki 650 SX Motor Mount1991 Kawasaki 650 SX Motor Mount1992 Kawasaki 650 SX Motor Mount1993 Kawasaki 650 SX Motor Mount1986 Kawasaki X2 Motor Mount1987 Kawasaki X2 Motor Mount1988 Kawasaki X2 Motor Mount1989 Kawasaki X2 Motor Mount1990 Kawasaki X2 Motor Mount1991 Kawasaki X2 Motor Mount1992 Kawasaki X2 Motor Mount1993 Kawasaki X2 Motor Mount1989 Kawasaki Jetmate Motor Mount1990 Kawasaki Jetmate Motor Mount1991 Kawasaki Jetmate Motor Mount1992 Kawasaki Jetmate Motor Mount1989 Kawasaki TS Motor Mount1990 Kawasaki TS Motor Mount1991 Kawasaki TS Motor Mount1992 Kawasaki TS Motor Mount1993 Kawasaki TS Motor Mount1991 Kawasaki SC Motor Mount1992 Kawasaki SC Motor Mount1993 Kawasaki SC Motor Mount1992 Kawasaki 750 SS Motor Mount1993 Kawasaki 750 SS Motor Mount1994 Kawasaki 750 SS Motor Mount1995 Kawasaki 750 SS Motor Mount1992 Kawasaki SX Motor Mount1993 Kawasaki SX Motor Mount1994 Kawasaki SX Motor Mount1995 Kawasaki SX Motor Mount1994 Kawasaki 750 SSXI Motor Mount1994 Kawasaki 750 ST Motor Mount1995 Kawasaki XI Motor Mount1995 Kawasaki 750 SXI Motor Mount1996 Kawasaki 750 SXI Motor Mount1995 Kawasaki ZXI Motor Mount1996 Kawasaki ZXI Motor Mount1997 Kawasaki ZXI Motor Mount1995 Kawasaki XIR Motor Mount1999 Kawasaki XIR Motor Mount1998 Kawasaki 750 STX Motor Mount1998 Kawasaki XI Sport Motor Mount1999 Kawasaki XI Sport Motor Mount2000 Kawasaki SXI Pro Motor Mount2001 Kawasaki SXI Pro Motor Mount2002 Kawasaki SXI Pro Motor Mount

Technical Details

  • SBT high quality motor mounts are designed for performance in the worst conditions - under the hot, oily engine. Replacing your old PWC engine mounts with SBT motor mounts is a good way to reduce excessive vibration and movement that can slowly degrade the rest of your driveline, bearings, and jet pump. Replace any motor mounts that don't appear normal to save the rest of your driveline!! If you have to replace one, it's probably time to replace them all.
  • OEM: 92160-3757
  • Kawasaki 650/750 Motor Mount
  • See "Product Description" for complete Application List

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