Kingston HyperX FURY 16GB Kit (2x8GB) 1866MHz DDR3 CL10 DIMM – Black (HX318C10FBK2/16)


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as of 09/30/2022 (Details)

For higher performance upgrades, increased in-game FPS and an overall faster system. Effortless Upgrade, Relentless Style Get in the game with HyperX FURY. Even newbies get up to speed fast, since FURY automatically recognizes its host platform and automatically overclocks to the highest frequency published - up to 1866MHz* - providing plenty of power for your next deathmatch. FURY's asymmetric heatspreader design lets you stand out from the "square" crowd. It's available in black, blue, red and- for the first time in the HyperX line -white, with a black PCB. So your rig can reflect your style and you can show it off with pride - without spending a lot, since FURY is affordably priced. It's 100-percent tested and LAN-ready plus it's backed by a lifetime warranty and technical support. *HyperX PnP memory will run in most DDR3 systems up to the speed allowed by the manufacturer's system BIOS. PnP cannot increase the system memory speed faster than is allowed by the manufacturer's BIOS. Automatic Overclocking HyperX FURY is available in frequency speeds from 1333MHz to 1866MHz. Reach faster speeds and higher capacities by just installing the memory, no adjustments in BIOS needed. Compatible with Intel and AMD Platforms No matter if you are an Intel or AMD gamer the HyperX FURY is right for you. To make sure it works HyperX FURY has been tested with all popular brands of motherboards. Available in Kits of 2 Does your system have enough memory to get you into the game? Kits are available to max out your system's memory with up to 16GB of high-performance goodness. Lifetime Warranty with Technical Support When you spend that much time building your perfect system make sure your memory lasts. With HyperX memory you get a lifetime warranty and technical support to help you out if you're in a tight spot. Find the Color that Matches Your System Make sure your system looks as good as it performs. With multiple colors to choose from HyperX FURY is sure to go with that custom case mod you've been working on. From HyperX, a Leader in eSports HyperX supports some of the best gaming teams in the world. While you might not be a pro yet, you can certainly game with the same equipment they do. Compare HyperX FURY Specifications Black Blue Red White 1333MHz CAS Latency 9 Single 4GB HX313C9FB/4 HX313C9F/4 HX313C9FR/4 HX313C9FW/4 8GB HX313C9FB/8 HX313C9F/8 HX313C9FR/8 HX313C9FW/8 Kit of 2 8GB HX313C9FBK2/8 HX313C9FK2/8 HX313C9FRK2/8 HX313C9FWK2/8 16GB HX313C9FBK2/16 HX313C9FK2/16 HX313C9FRK2/16 HX313C9FWK2/16 1600MHz CAS Latency 10 Single 4GB HX316C10FB/4 HX316C10F/4 HX316C10FR/4 HX316C10FW/4 8GB HX316C10FB/8 HX316C10F/8 HX316C10FR/8 HX316C10FW/8 Kit of 2 8GB HX316C10FBK2/8 HX316C10FK2/8 HX316C10FRK2/8 HX316C10FWK2/8 16GB HX316C10FBK2/16 HX316C10FK2/16 HX316C10FRK2/16 HX316C10FWK2/16 1866MHz Single 4GB HX318C10FB/4 HX318C10F/4 HX318C10FR/4 HX318C10FW/4 8GB HX318C10FB/8 HX318C10F/8 HX318C10FR/8 HX318C10FW/8 Kit of 2 8GB HX318C10FBK2/8 HX318C10FK2/8 HX318C10FRK2/8 HX318C10FRK2/8 16GB HX318C10FBK2/16 HX318C10FK2/16 HX318C10FRK2/16 HX318C10FWK2/16

Technical Details

  • Asymmetric heat spreader for stylish heat dissipation
  • Compatible with Intel and AMD platforms
  • Easy to install - Plug-and-Play functionality
  • Automatic Overclocking - reach faster speeds and higher capacities by just installing the memory, no adjustments in BIOS needed
  • Unique - tested with all popular brands of motherboards
  • Reliable - 100-percent factory tested
  • Guaranteed - lifetime warranty, free technical support

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