KLIFFHÄNGER Chain with Two carabiners, Variable Attachment for Hanging Chair (1) | Different Designs


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as of 05/21/2022 (Details)

Chain with two carabiners, variable attachment for hanging chair The chain with two carabiners was specially designed for a stepless mounting of hanging chairs, the reasonthis is due to the large selection of different hammock chair designs.Some need a very long oneSuspension, other hammock chairs rather a short one. In addition there is the ceiling height, often between 2.3 - 2.7 meters.Which hanging chair suspension to use? Do you already have a corresponding ceiling hook orCeiling bracket mounted, then the connection chain with two carabiners is the ideal continuous attachment for your hanging chair. If you are looking for a ceiling mount, then take a look at our other Kliffhänger products, perhaps you will find exactly with usYour wish hanging chair fastening.

Technical Details

  • Connection chain with two carabiners, infinitely adjustable to your personal desired height
  • Load capacity suitable for two persons up to 150 kg (330 lbs)
  • The chain is 50cm / 20" and karabiners each 8cm / 3" long, total 66cm / 26"
  • Mounting set by 3 items cheaper in price

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