Knives 2016: The World’s Greatest Knife Book

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Fine knives for discerning taste!Whether a knife is a utilitarian tool to be used, maintained and respected; an object of art to be admired; or an example of fine craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation, countless examples are showcased in Knives 2016 with full descriptions and specifications of each model.Modern flipper folders featuring bronze bushings and ball bearing pivot systems share space with traditional hunters and pocketknives in jigged bone and wood handles. Everything from pearl-handle fighters to engraved folding daggers, chef's knives and "pack and field blades" are covered extensively, including professional full-color photography and information on blade steels, as well as guard, bolster and handle materials.The world's most complete Custom Knifemaker Directory includes names, addresses, emails, websites, phone numbers, specialties, patterns, technical information, list prices and tang stamps or marks. Find your dream knife and contact the maker today!Fascinating feature articles delve into filigree, inlay and pique, bloomery steel, meteorite, wares of the world, tactical folders, bayonets, color anodizing, hatchets, chopping froes and a whole lot moreWorld's most comprehensive Custom Knifemaker DirectoryThe latest trends in handmade knivesState of the art mosaic damascus, sculpting, wire inlay, scrimshaw and engravingFamiliarize yourself with the hottest new knives, state of the art materials, edged gadgets, mechanisms, embellishments, blade stock, locks and frames.

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