KONA KAVA Kava Extract Kavalactone 30% Premium Capsules (120)


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as of 04/21/2021 (Details)

Kava may help to manage everyday stress, as well as reduce anxiety, while supporting your overall sense of enjoyment and well-being. We feel that Kava can be used to enhance your life, as a relaxed life may be a happier life.* Kavalactone 30% Capusles are the perfect no-mess way to enjoy all the anti-stress and relaxation benefits that Kava has to offer. With a 30% concentration, you can get the maximum recommended daily dosage of Kavalactones in a single convenient serving. And, our capsules are 100% Vegan Capsules, and there is absolutely no dairy or animal products used in the making of our products. These Kavalactone 30% capsules have a verified 30% minimum Kavalactone extract, expertly blended with soy lecithin to help your system absorb the Kavalactones contained in the capsule. Each 300mg capsule has 240mg of 30% Kavalactone, with 60mg of organic soy lecithin, in a completely vegan capsule. Two capsules give you about 145mg of Kavalactone, for 1/2 of the daily recommended dose reliably, capsule to capsule.

Technical Details

  • Expertly crafted Kava-based relaxation.
  • Amazing anxiety support
  • Non-addictive
  • Fast-acting Kava extract
  • All Vegan Capsules

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