Lacrosse Essentials

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Step on the field and begin playing in no time! In Lacrosse Essentials, you’ll learn the fundamentals of the sport through sequential instructions, detailed photo sequences, and expert advice from coaching legend Jack Kaley and longtime coach Rich Donovan. Lacrosse Essentials takes you inside the game, covering these essential skills and strategies: • Passing • Catching • Shooting • Riding • Clearing • Goaltending In addition to mastering the fundamentals, you’ll be challenged to expand your repertoire of skills and use those techniques and tactics for a competitive advantage. The many activities and drills will speed learning and improve performance. You’ll also get the latest information on offensive and defensive strategies, systems, and situational play to take your game to the next level. Lacrosse Essentials is the best—and quickest—way to learn, practice, and play the great sport of lacrosse.

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