Lamb Ears 10 Pack – All Natural Dog Chews. Safe, Heathy and Fully Digestible Treats. Premium New Zealand Whites, Low Odor and Superior Quality. MAKE YOUR DOGS DAY!


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as of 03/20/2023 (Details)

At Peppy Pooch, our own dogs go crazy for Lamb Ears and we're sure your dog will love these all natural treats. Listen up! Some things you need to know about Peppy Pooch Lamb Ears: * 100% all natural highest quality New Zealand Whites. Low in fat with no other additives, hormones, or chemicals. * Fully digestible, for dogs with sensitive stomachs making them superior to rawhide chews, which can pose health risks for your dog. * You'll feel confident giving your dog such a healthy treat. * Long lasting yummy treats encourage quality chewing which can help reduce tartar and improve your dogs oral hygiene - which is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY VETERINARIANS - other health benefits include being a good source of protein for strong muscles. * Your dog will love you for buying them. * You can buy more than one pack at a time! * Can you imagine how excited your dog will be when they arrive? * Perfect gifts for all your pooch's friends! Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Amazon buyers trust our Peppy Pooch brand to be Quality Premium Products. Original Peppy Pooch products are only available from Phunkee Monkee. If your pooch does not love our Lamb Ears or if you are not 100% satisfied we will refund your money with no questions asked. Ingredients: 100% lamb

Technical Details

  • ALL NATURAL PREMIUM chews. No chemicals, hormones, or artificial ingredients makes for a HEALTHY DOG
  • DELICIOUS but GENTLE on sensitive stomachs makes for a HAPPY DOG. A great alternative to rawhide
  • NUTRITIOUS, low in fat, high in protein, safe, healthy & low odor makes for a SATISFIED OWNER
  • GREAT TASTING treats encourage quality chewing which can reduce tartar and help your dogs oral hygiene

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