Legend Love, A Romantic Adventure in Time


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When Ranaulf, Lord of braunwythe finds the little girl unconscious on his lands, he takes it upon himself to become her protector. When his Heather regains her memory, she fades away, back to her own time. Heather had fallen in love with Lord Braunwythe, the man she thought she had invented in her dreams. Then on a television program she sees and remembers the castle of her imagination. On a trip to the ruins, she steps through Braunwythe's gates and back to the 13th century. Ranaulf and Heather battle the evils of a conjuring woman to carve their 'Legend Love'. Bonus FeatureIncluded in its entirety is the story of Lena. 'And So It Begins' is the prequel to all the generations of time traveling women.

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