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Your body can't operate at its peak without sufficient levels of oxygen in your blood Your body contains more oxygen than any other element! Oxygen makes up about 65 percent of the human body and 90 percent of the body's life energy is created by oxygen. Along with food, oxygen is the primary nutrient needed for maintenance, growth and repair of all your cells and tissues. Your body uses oxygen to convert nutrients into energy and heat. The more energy or warmth your body needs the more oxygen is consumed. Right this minute, hundreds of thousands of reactions are taking place in your body - from the synthesis of chemical compounds, the transportation of molecules to the assimilation of nutrients from the digestive tract, and muscle contraction, to name just a few... Because of these complex reactions your immune system is able to fight viruses and infections; your heart is able to pump blood, and your nervous system and brain to process information.4 oz. container only $4 per ounce best quality HIGHEST QUALITY OF CONCENTRATED STABILIZED LIQUID OXYGEN. THIS BOTTLE WILL LAST YOU MONTHS. OVER 250 SERVINGS. OUR CONTAINER HAS 4X MORE THAN MOST. IT IS 4 0Z. YOU ONLY USE 10 DROPS PER 8-12OZ OF LIQUID. YOU CAN NOT BUY A BETTER BRAND OR QUALITY AS FAR AS STABILIZED LIQUID OXYGEN GOES... YOU WILL LOVE OUR PRICES. OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND OUR QUALITY OF PRODUCTS.PLEASE NOTE: THIS PRODUCT IS HIGH IN PH DO NOT TAKE DROPS DIRECTLY ON TONG DILUTE WITH LIQUID FIRST. INGREDIENTS: HIGH LEVELS OF DIATOMIC OXYGEN STABILIZED IN WATER Liquid Oxygen

Technical Details

  • Premium Liquid Oxygen Drops
  • 4 oz. size
  • Take 10 Drops in 8 oz. of water twice a day
  • Over 250 servings
  • Improve immune system

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