Lithium – Premium Liquid Ionic Mineral (100 days at 500mcg per 10 drops) 50 ml bottle


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as of 11/30/2023 (Details)

An ultra concentrated blend of ionic liquid lithium that is very bio-available because it is easily recognized and absorbed by the body, providing better utilization and assimilation into the cells. It has been suggested that lithium at low-dosage levels, has a generally beneficial effect on human behavior. High quality liquid lithium supplementation can offer new beginnings for your family's nutritional needs. Because a major source of dietary lithium can come from municipal water supplies, the increase in drinking purified water may be a cause of deficiency of lithium. Ionized minerals provide the best and safest source for mineral supplementation. Consult your doctor or health-care professional about the possible risks before you consider using lithium.

Technical Details

  • UNIQUELY FORMULATED - Professional Grade Naturally Organic Ionic Lithium comes as a Body Ready Bio-available solution. The formula works in micro doses to aid in positive mood and cognitive function at a steady pace.
  • PERFORMANCE SPEAKS - Lithium is known for its mood-stablizing effects. Small consistance doses of lithium help support the memory function of the brain.
  • HIGHLY SUPPORTIVE - Supports healthy mood balance and memory functions while feeling energized and relaxed
  • CONVENIENTLY EASY - WellnessOne Lithium comes in an easy to carry 50 ml bottle with 100 days worth of servings and an easy to use dropper.
  • 100% RISK FREE GUARANTEE! If for any reason you are not satisfied with WellnessOne Lithium simply return any unused portion for a full no hassle, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

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