Live At The Witch Trials –  The Fall


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2004 expanded deluxe reissue of 1979 album features 41 tracks including 30 bonus tracks. Disc one contains 10 of the bonus tracks, 'Bingo-Master's Break-Out', 'Psycho Mafia', 'Repetition', 'It's a New Thing', 'Various Times', 'Dresden Dolls', 'Psycho Mafia', 'Industrial Estate', 'Stepping Out', & 'Last Orders'. Disc two is a bonus disc containing 20 extra tracks, featuring 8 BBC session tracks, 'Rebellious Juke Box', 'Mother-Sister', 'Industrial Estate', 'Futures & Pasts' (BBC Session 6/15/78), 'Put Away', 'Mess of My', 'No Xmas for John Quay', 'Like to Blow' (BBC Session 12/6/78), along with 12 tracks from Liverpool 1978, 'Like to Blow', 'Stepping Out', 'Two Steps Back', 'Mess of My', 'It's the New Thing', 'Various Times', 'Bingo-Master's Break-Out', 'Frightened', 'Industrial Estate', 'Psycho Mafia', 'Music Scene', & 'Mother-Sister!'. Includes expansive booklet & housed in a slipcase. Castle.

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