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Mexican singer-songwriter Ely Guerra has accomplished something truly impressive on Lotofire, her domestic debut but third album overall: she's crafted an incredibly rich, diverse, and subtle album that stands up well in the company of such techno-informed pop divas as Fiona Apple or Bebel Gilberto. This is Guerra's best work to date. She retains her own style throughout with a sound that uses the arty elements of Arto Lindsay's skilled production while containing flourishes of a myriad of other styles drawn from south of the border. Regardless of how much ear candy is piled on top, the album also features a solid foundation of songwriting craft in Guerra's music, and her beautiful pop melodies really stand out. Instantly recognizable once heard, Guerra's sensual voice (she sings mostly in Spanish) cracks, coos, and takes flight. Perhaps most importantly for gringo ears, it also serves her well as a distinctive calling card even for non-Spanish speakers. Highlights include the trip-hopish "Abusar," the dubby "Vete," and the bossa-nova-driven "Prometo Ser." --Ted Hendrickson

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