Lotos set of Nozzle Electrode and Cup 40-Piece PCON40 for Lotos LTP5000D LTP6000 LTPDC2000D LTPAC2500


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as of 02/27/2024 (Details)

40 pcs consumables for Lotos Pilot arc plasma cutter LTP5000D, LTP5000, LTPDC2000, LTPDC2000D and 5in1 unit LTPAC2500. it includes 15 pcs nozzles, 15 pcs electrodes and 10 pcs shield cups. Shipped by Postal office priority mail. (FREE USA shipping). Canada shipping is 15 dollars. This kit does not fit any other brand and any other model of plasma cutters. nozzle and electrode are made by genuine PURE copper instead of cheap plated copper alloy. LOTOS won't honor any warranty repair if the machine or torch are broken due to counterfeit nozzle and electrodes.

Technical Details

  • Includes: 15 Nozzles 15 Electrodes 10 Cups
  • These consumables are only for: Lotos LTP5000, Lotos LTP5000D, Lotos LT6000, Lotos LTP6000, Lotos LTPDC2000, Lotos LTPDC2000D, Lotos LTPAC2500
  • It does not fit any other Brand and any other Model of plasma cutters
  • Nozzles and electrodes are made by genuine 100% copper instead of cheap plated copper alloy
  • The length of nozzle is 0.5" and the length of electrode is 1.3"

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