LPY-Car Brush and Ice Scraper with Foam Grip | Auto Snow Removal | Car Truck SUV Windshield | Heavy Duty , orange


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as of 05/22/2022 (Details)

Winter encounter snow, plot in front of the car, the rear windshield snow and ice are many owners worryIf you do not remove the clean, affect the visibility, affect driving safety, a good tool will greatly reduce your workload.Name: ice shovel brush combinationProduct Size: Total length (61cm) Brush wire (21.5cm) Handle (23.5cm) Shovel head (16 × 10cm)Material: ABSGross weight: 284gInstructions for use:1. Hold the frost shovel handle so that the shovel head clings to the windshield;2. Rear shovel between the glass and the formation of 10 degrees -70 degree angle;3. Move up and down or around to eliminate frost.Features:Snow removal brush head: ABS high-strength plastic, PVC wire brush low temperature is not easy to breakSnow shovel head: The use of ABS high strength plastic casting shape, hard and firmHandle design: EVA foam, flexible, flexible, anti-aging, anti-cracking in winter, not iceHand, fit finger groove design to pinch more comfortableInside the handle is a high quality aluminum rod, high strength, good toughnessNote: Do not touch the front sharp mouth body surface, so as not to scratch the car surface paint.

Technical Details

  • ABS high plastic its resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance and excellent electrical properties
  • lim-Line Snow Scraper with Brush: The snow scraper is a combination of scraper and brush: scraper on one side and brush on the other. It's designed slim and lightweight, can definitely help you to clean all snow on windows of your cars or your house!
  • Durable for Longer Using: The snow scraper is designed sturdy, durable and can resist cold weather. Made of aluminum alloy and with high-quality brush, it can be used for a longer time than other scraper in the market!
  • Give You A Clear Sight in Winter: is suitable for any cars, SUVs and trucks and won't hurt your cars.
  • You can also clean the snow on your windows or just take it with you when go out skiing or snowboarding. This must-have gear will definitely give you a clear sight in any occasion!

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