LPY-Easy Disassembly Tool Set include Ice Scrape Microfibre Cleaning Pad Snow Brush Vehicle Snow for Cars , Orange


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as of 05/22/2022 (Details)

Winter encounter snow, plot in front of the car, the rear windshield snow and ice are many owners worryIf you do not remove the clean, affect the visibility, affect driving safety, a good tool will greatly reduce your workload.Size: Overall length (61cm) Brush wire (21.5cm) Handle (23.5cm) Shovel head (16 × 10cm)Product Material: ABSProduct gross weight: 284gInstructions for use:1. Hold the frost shovel handle so that the shovel head clings to the windshield;2. Rear shovel between the glass and the formation of 10 degrees -70 degree angle;3. Move up and down or around to eliminate frost.Features:Snow removal brush head: ABS high-strength plastic, PVC wire brush low temperature is not easy to breakSnow shovel head: The use of ABS high strength plastic casting shape, hard and firmHandle Design: EVA foam, flexible and flexible, anti-aging, anti-cracking in winter, not ice-hand,Shovel combination, convenient and practical.In addition to removing snow and frost from cars, you can also sweep electric cars, bicycles and houses, glass doors and windows that have been covered in heavy snow by heavy snow.Note: Do not touch the front sharp mouth body surface, so as not to scratch the car surface paint.

Technical Details

  • High quality, economical price
  • Small and exquisite, the handle adopts curved design, easy to use and labor saving
  • Multifunctional car snow shovel, both to clean the glass, brush and remove ice and snow, to avoid damage to the car paint
  • Save cleaning time, not frozen hands, you can use for a long time
  • Compact size, easy to store, easy to carry

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