LPY-Ice Scraper Set Heavy-duty Frost and Snow Removal for Car Windshield and Window

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Winter encounter snow, plot in front of the car, the rear windshield snow and ice are many owners worryIf you do not remove the clean, affect the visibility, affect driving safety, a good tool will greatly reduce your workload.Thicker reinforcement handle, widening tendon scraper, eliminating the generation of steel design, to avoid the risk of scratches. The back of the shovel ice tooth design, can easily eradicate the ice.Material: PP, PVCSize: 34 * long scraper width 15.5 * 6mm thickNet weight: about 120g

Technical Details

  • Can scrape easily the tough or rough ice on the car window glass.
  • Fast removed the ice, snow, frost and dust, able to clean between the windshield wipers or door handles.
  • With a hard plastic anti-slip handle, easy to use and energy saving.
  • Portable, flat, compact design for convenient vehicle storage.
  • Ideal for scraping off ice from your vehicle.

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