Lubegard 68112 Complete Universal CVT Fluid – 32 fl. oz.


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as of 11/30/2022 (Details)

Eliminate the need to stock various CVT fluids with this universal formula that's for use in ANY belt type CVT transmission. Due to the fact various CVT types require different additive technologies, International Lubricants, Inc (ILI) understands the difficulty that any one service facility cannot possibly carry all of the different OEM CVT fluids. ILI has the solution! LUBEGARD Universal CVT Fluid is formulated specifically for ANY belt type CVT found in the majority of CVT's. There is no formula available by anyone yet that also properly services other CVT's such as chain type CVT's. LUBEGARD Universal CVT Fluid is also for use in place of: Honda Multimatic Fluid (HMMF) (service interval at 20,000), Mercedes Benz CVT 28 and 236.20, Mitsubishi/Hyundai/Kia SP-III, Toyota/Mazda/Daihatsu TC Fluid, Suzuki NS-2/TC, also in any Ford CVT23 application and any other belt type CVT Fluid. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: In CVT service fill or top off applications. Consult vehicle owners manual for OEM recommended service intervals and fluid capacities. DO NOT OVERFILL.

Technical Details

  • Full synthetic formulation which prevents sludge and varnish build up
  • Provides longer anti-shudder performance
  • Minimizes friction between belts and pulleys which protects against fatigue damage
  • Maintains the performance of a continuously variable transmission by providing excellent wear protection
  • Imparts Both Shear and Oxidation Stability to the Fluid

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