Lubegard 98010 Platinum Universal Flush and Protect Performance Pack for Automatic Transmissions


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as of 06/26/2022 (Details)

Lubegard Platinum Universal ATF Flush and Protect Pack features the safest, most gentle transmission flush available. Other transmission flushes contain harmful solvents that can actually dissolve seals and gaskets. The Lubegard transmission flush is designed to gently flush away varnish, sludge, and other by-products and prepare your transmission for fresh fluid. The directions for use with the flush machine include following the manufacturers directions. The directions for use without the flush machine include adding one bottle of Lubegard automatic transmission flush to the transmission fluid. With the car on lift (or wheels above the ground) start the engine; circulate for 5 minutes cycling Lubegard automatic transmission flush through all gears. Then drain completely and refill with Dexron/Mercon ATF and one bottle of Lubegard platinum universal ATF protectant. The Lubegard platinum universal ATF protectant is uniquely formulated using the patented synthetic LXE (liquid wax ester) technology and new synthetic synergol TMS technology. Together, these technologies provide the most advanced and complete transmission fluid performance service additive ever invented. It is used to convert regular Dexron/Mercon ATF into OEM types and perform like MERCON V ATF, highly friction modified ATFs, such as: Honda Genuine ATF, Toyota Type T, Toyota Type TII, Toyota Type TIV, Mopar ATF + 3 (7176), Mopar ATF +4 (9602), and all other highly friction modified ATFs.

Technical Details

  • Safely removes varnish deposits
  • Prepares transmission for new fluid
  • Substitutes for any premium dealer brand ATF
  • The protectant used by transmission professionals worldwide
  • Will not harm your transmission, will not void your warranty

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