LUBEGARD Lube Gard Highly Friction Modified Automatic Transmission Protect Black 12 pack


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as of 07/07/2022 (Details)

(12) 10 oz Bottle of Lubegard Highly Friction Modified ATF Supplement Almost all transmission shops are using this product to keep transmissions from coming back due to failure. This additive greatly increases the life of your transmission by, reducing the friction in the transmission by over 50% and increasing the heat stability of the fluid by more then 30%. Can be used in any transmission that requires Dexron type fluid. Number one tool used by professionals and the original technical developer of the conversion formula, LUBEGARD® Highly Friction Modified-ATF Supplement converts DEXRON II,III/MERCON ATF into a highly friction modified fluid. And at the same time extends your fluid life and reduces your transmission wear, saving you money and the need to stock multiple OEM fluids. LUBEGARD® HFM-ATF SUPPLEMENT is the same product as the OEM endorsed LUBEGARD® ATF PROTECTANT but with added friction modifiers. Only LUBEGARD® HFM-ATF Supplement can be used to fit the operating frictional requirements of Original Equipment Manufacturers' (OEMs) fluid.

Technical Details

  • Converts DEXRON II, III / MERCON ATF into a Highly Friction Modified ATF - Transmissions perform more efficiently at lower operating temperatures
  • Anti-chatter in clutch packs (allow penetration overnight for maximum benefit), Anti-shudder with converter clutches (allow penetration overnight for maximum benefit)
  • Prevents overheating, Assists in freeing hung-up governors, Keeps valves free
  • Provides for smoother shifting and reduces drive train power losses, Helps modify harsh shifts and makes them quicker in duration
  • Maintains proper ATF viscosity in torque converters, Inhibits transmission fluid foaming and oxidation, thereby extending fluid life and Reduces transmission wear

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