LUBEGARD M-V Automatic Transmission Oil Fluid Supplement Mercon-V Synthetic ATF 6 pack


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as of 11/27/2021 (Details)

(6)10 oz Bottle of Lubegard M-V Automatic Transmission Oil Fluid Supplement Mercon-V Synthetic .LUBEGARD's M-V Automatic Transmission Fluid Supplement is chemically formulated utilizing the patented & OEM endorsed synthetic LUBEGARD LXE Technology and a new synthetic additive Synergol TMS to enhance DEXRON/MERCON ATF to provide a MERCON V type ATF. MERCON V® was introduced by the Ford Motor Company in 1997 for use in 1997 and later A4LD-E (4R44E) and 5R55E transmissions. It is currently required for many new transmissions in some Ford, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercury and other makes. Enhances DEXRON/MERCON ATF to perform like a MERCON V type fluid, For use in all automatic transmissions requiring a MERCON V type ATF, Prevents & Eliminates Torque Converter Lock-Up Shudder, Prevents overheating and fluid oxidation, Saves Time, Money and Space by eliminating the need to stock MERCON V ATF, Keeps valves free. Also frees stuck valves, Dramatically reduces friction & wear on metal parts and internal components, Improves low temperature shifting, Stabilizes the life of the fluid, thus extending service intervals, Softens harsh shifts, Extends fluid & component life, Will not harm yellow metals, Will not alter the crucial phosphorus or sulfur balance in your transmission fluid, Does not contain zinc (ZDDP) ash, Improves fuel economy.

Technical Details

  • Enhances DEXRON III/ MERCON ATF to perform like a MERCON V ATF, Eliminating the need for MERCON V ATF
  • Prevents overheating, reducing elevated operating temperatures up to 40 degrees Farenheit, Dramatically reduces friction and tightens the shift cycle without loosing the friction
  • Eliminates transmission fluid foaming and oxidation, Optimizes total transmission performance, Extends fluid life
  • Eliminates clutch chatter and torque converter shudder, Eliminates objectionable noises during shifts, Softens and modifies harsh shifts
  • Keeps valves and governors free and frees stuck valves in valve bodies, Superior seal compatibility and conditioning, Only protectant that increases the fluid's ability to transfer heat

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