Luxury Little Nursery Storage Basket, Size XXXL :: 100% Cotton Rope Hamper with Handles :: Sturdy Baby Bin Organizer for Laundry, Toys, Blankets, Pillows & More, 22″ x 22″ x 14″, White/Beige


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as of 10/05/2022 (Details)

At 22" x 22" x 14", this XXL storage basket holds even your bulkiest baby gear. Made of thicker cotton rope, so it stands up & holds up for the long haul. Fill this extra-large bin to the brim - with blankets, pillows, laundry, toys, stuffed animals & more. Unlike flimsier hampers, it features brawnier rope - with heavier weight-per-meter - so it won't keep collapsing or tipping. Plus, it's bigger & roomier than most baby storage baskets, so it accommodates more of your must-haves. The payoff? You'll keep everything in one handy spot... and your nursery will look neater & tidier. Your Luxury Little Portable Woven Basket Offers: 100% natural cotton rope - pure & undyed, so it's totally safe & nontoxic XXL round design, ideal for storing soft, bulky items like towels & bedding 2 long, sturdy carrying handles, securely stitched to stay firmly attached Chic, attractive design that complements any decor - with 2 versatile neutral colors, creamy white & subtle brown Built for Years of Use, Even Beyond the Nursery Once baby grows, you can still use this durable bin for all kinds of convenient storage -magazines, crafts, sewing supplies, you name it. Looks lovely in any room - kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, foyer, etc. Ready to store your storage bin? Fold it flat to fit compactly in any drawer or cabinet. Then, when your own kids have kids, pass it down to the next generation. Order Your Luxury Little Hamper Now... You'll Wonder How You Ever Parented Without It

Technical Details

  • BIG ENOUGH FOR YOUR BULKIEST BABY STUFF: Cram this 22"x22" storage bin with pillows, blankets, you name it. It holds more than most baby baskets, so it'll keep your nursery & living room tidy & organized.
  • STRONG ENOUGH TO STAND ON ITS OWN: Unlike other baby storage baskets, this foldable hamper features thicker, heftier cotton rope. Result? It stays up when you fill it without collapsing or tipping over.
  • LONGER HANDLES FOR EASIER TOTING: Forget those unwieldy storage baskets with their hard-to-grip side slits. Your Luxury Little bin has 2 sturdy, lengthy handles for comfy, convenient carrying.
  • 100% SAFE & NATURAL: Why take risks with toxic plastics & synthetics? This large woven laundry basket comes in pure, undyed cotton, free of all harmful chemicals. Use with complete confidence.
  • NOT JUST FOR BABY GEAR: With its rustic rope weave & chic two-tone design, this classy storage container will enhance any room in your home. So durable you'll keep using it long after baby is grown.

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