Lysol Daily Cleansing Wipes, 240ct (3x80ct)


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as of 10/15/2021 (Details)

It’s no coincidence. The places that need the most cleaning are also the places your family lives, which means that a clean home is just as important as leaving no harsh chemical residue behind. New Lysol Daily Cleansing Wipes are free from harsh chemical residue, ammonia, fragrances, and dyes. They can be used daily on food contact surfaces such as cutting boards and counters, baby areas, toys, and even pet areas! To use, simply wipe surface and let dry. Repeat for stubborn stains. Unlike other wipes, no rinse step is required!

Technical Details

  • Free from harsh chemical residue
  • Suitable for use on food-contact surfaces, toys, baby & pet areas
  • Free from ammonia, fragrances, & dyes
  • No rinse step is required
  • Non-Toxic Formula

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