Mariachi Cobre

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Forget any mariachi recordings you have ever heard before! Mariachi Cobre is a whole new generation of this traditional Mexican folk music and it will leave you exhilarated. This may be the first time you have ever listened to extremely talented mariachi musicians recorded by the latest digital techniques. The sound is tight and crisp, with every emotional nuance shining through, from joy and love to despair. Trumpets, guitars, violins, and exceptional vocalists combine to produce music that is both strong and sensitive.You may never have seen such annotation like this before, either. A thirty-page booklet explains the background of mariachi music and contains all the lyrics in both English and Spanish. Mariachi Cobre will appeal to listeners who have enjoyed this type of music for years and to world music fans who are searching for new doors to open their musical horizon.The pieces on Mariachi Cobre cover a spectrum of traditional Hispanic music. Most come from a Mexican heritage, but there are also selections from Cuba, Puerto Rico and Spain. This release will truly touch the hearts of listeners worldwide.

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