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Where there's smoke there's fire! Lindas Africanas sung in Spanish by the Africando Allstars; Temedi sung in Soussou by Sékouba Bambino; Lote Lô sung in Wolof by Ismaël Lo; Abibou sung in Dioula by Amadou Balaké; Fouta Tooro sung in Pulaar by Medoune Diallo; Azo Nkplon sung in Fon by Gnonnas Pedro; Tiembela sung in Créole by Roger "Shoubou" Eugène; Dioumte sung in Wolof by Adama Seka; Abibou sung in Spanish by Joe King; Reference sung in Lingala by Nyboma & Emeneya; El Que Te Ama Siempre sung in Spanish by Ronnie Baro. Supported by the hottest Latin musicians in New York, directed by Maestro Boncana Maiga.  

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