Mastering The Mechanics Of Civil Jury Trials: A Strategic Guide Outlining The Anatomy Of A Trial

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A veritable Dream Team of civil litigators collaborated on Mastering the Mechanics of Civil Jury Trials: A Strategic Guide Outlining the Anatomy of a Trial, a must-have reference for both aspiring and veteran lawyers interested in honing the craft of civil jury trial strategy and procedure. Tyler Draa, partner at Silicon Valley litigation firm Greenfield Draa & Harrington LLP, is a frontman of sorts for the dynamic team whose experience sets forth the anatomy of a trial, with judicial comments from the Honorable Franklin E. Bondonno, of the Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara. Co-authors Maureen Harrington (also a partner at Greenfield Draa & Harrington) and Doris Cheng (Walkup Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger in San Francisco), are among the highest ranked women lawyers in California. "This manual presumes you have completed the pre-trial discovery process. The parties have exhausted settlement discussions. Your case is proceeding to trial. You have been assigned to a trial department. The collective tasks you must complete are, at first blush, daunting. This manual describes each of the tasks separately and sequentially. By focusing your attention on the next task to be accomplished, not the entirety of challenges ahead, you can weather the process of trying a case to verdict." Throughout the manual, the authors delve into the strategies that could make or break a case, depending on the experience of the lawyer or the lack thereof. Thinking on your feet and being prepared for all possible outcomes and surprises is emphasized throughout. Pivotal moments include jury selection (voir dire), as well as direct and cross examination, to name a few. The inclusion of judicial commentary on such aspects, where relevant, offers sage perspective from the bench itself. All stages of procedure and strategy are discussed, for both plaintiff and defendant representation. This is also a fascinating peek inside the mechanics of courtroom procedure for anyone interested in understanding the nuances and strategies of the civil justice system. The wisdom gleaned from real practice, as presented in this book, makes Mastering the Mechanics of Civil Jury Trials both a primer for the layperson or law student, and a legacy of experience for all practicing lawyers, one that bridges the mentor gap. Includes an extensive Appendix citing state-by-state rules and codes for various aspects of trial procedure. A fascinating peek inside the courtroom.

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