Math Blaster: Geometry


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as of 04/21/2021 (Details)

The evil Geometrons are downsizing everything from 3-D to 2-D! Join Andie and Zoid as they scour the world for hidden geometric puzzle pieces and journey to the Dimension Machine. With your help, they'll develop proofs, calculate angles, figure out formulas, and navigate through the Pit of Despair. By the time you've restored dimension and flattened the fiends, you not only will have mastered a full year of geometry, you'll also be set to succeed in higher dimensions of math.The 52 subject areas cover an entire year of geometry. Video Chalkboard gives visual step-by-step demonstration of geometry concepts. The customized program allows you to target specific subject areas and levels of difficulty, and the individual tracking system lets you set and reach your goals. The program is designed to help you master over 50 essential areas, including triangles, angles, the Pythagorean theorem, properties of polygons and circles, coordinate and transformational geometry, proofs, theorems, and proportion.

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