MegaChef Electric Easily Portable Ultra Lightweight Dual Coil Burner Cooktop Buffet Range in Matte Black


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as of 11/27/2021 (Details)

The MegaChef Electric Easily Portable Ultra Lightweight Dual Coil Burner Cooktop Buffet Range in Matte Black is the best choice for your Kitchen on the Go! There’s no need to sacrifice your favorite home cooked meals simply because you choose to explore or travel! With this sleek Dual Burner Cooktop, you can prepare those home cooked meals with ease no matter where you are, so long as you have an electrical outlet, you are ready to cook up a storm! This ultra lightweight and compact cooktop brings the power of your stove to any desired location. Easily portable and lightweight for your convenience, ensuring that you won’t have to choose between this useful tool and any other belonging you may need to take along with you. This versatile kitchen tool can come in quite handy at home as well! Should you find yourself in a dorm room, camper or cabin and having limited space availability this cooktop has you covered. It will easily fit into most spaces, and will cool down quickly once you have completed cooking and unplugged it from the electrical outlet to avoid unnecessary heat. This Cooktop can also be used at home for those times when your stove is just not enough! We’ve all found ourselves cooking a holiday meal or simply spending time with our loved ones when you simply don’t have enough burners to go around! Well, that crisis is now solved with this easy to store and use powerful cooktop. Dual coil burners provide you with the option to prepare two dishes simultaneously right on this compact take along stove. No more waiting for one dish to be cooked before starting to prepare another! You will love the convenience this cooktop will add to your cooking routine. Individual heat settings for each burner will provide you with the option to cook your meals at just the right temperature and a handy power indicator light will give you peace of mind. A matte black finish adds style and a sleek appearance to this wonderful kitchen addition!

Technical Details

  • Dual Coil Burners
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Easy to Store
  • 1700 watts of power
  • Fast heating

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