MENSI 24″ Propane BBQ Grill, Firepit, Fireplace Heater Universal Gas Thermocoupler Sensor M8x1 Thread


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as of 10/16/2021 (Details)

*The thermocouple is an univesal thermocouple with M8x1 head and end. *It can be used on Gas stove, grill, fire pit and fireplace, furnace etc. *Easily install.* CSA approved.*Length 24inches.*Copper Thickness 0.3mm. *Head thread:M8X1. Operation Instructions 1). install the thermocouple tip on a board and use two nuts to fix it's location 2). Keep the tip at around 5mm distance from the burner hole in right height. 3). Faston the thermocouple nut M8 on the valve end tightly (Check if your valve end thread if 8mm before you buy) 4). Open gas and push your valve around 5-10s till the thermocouple head is heated enough. 6). Release your hand and it works properly If when you release hand, gas valve shut off again, Please check a. If your thermocouple is always be heated on flame b. If the thermocouple end is well connect with valve

Technical Details

  • The Universal Thermocouple Total Length 24"
  • Head thread size: M8*1, End Nut size to connect valve: M8*1
  • Head Need to Be Keep Heated During Using ( If Stops working, Please adjust the Tip Location again)
  • Volatge: >20mV, Open valve time less than 10s
  • Used for gas fireplace, fire pit, grill, Stove, catering cooker, patio heaters etc

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