Mick Sinatra 3: His Lady, His Children, and Sal

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Businessman bad boy Mick Sinatra is running on empty. Now that two of the three Dons are dead, and the third one has retired, he has to take charge and run every one of their organizations before their successors run them into the ground. His youngest son Joey wants a piece of the action too, but Mick forbids his involvement, only to discover that his other son is already involved, with dangerous consequences. His gorgeous African-American wife, the newlywed Rosalind, is hiring more clients in her agency, including a one-time actor with designs on her. And then there’s Sal. Sal Gabrini. Mick’s nephew and the man responsible for the death of Mick’s sister. Their paths will cross in a fiery encounter that will leave both of them reeling, and will leave no doubt as to who is the real Head Italian In Charge. Mick Sinatra: His Lady, His Children, and Sal is the third installment in the Mick Sinatra interracial romance series.

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