mictuning HD 300w LED Light Bar Wiring Harness 40 Amp Relay ON-OFF Laser Rocker Switch Blue(2Lead 12ft 16AWG)


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as of 04/11/2021 (Details)

The MICTUNING 2 lead Heavy Duty LED off road light wiring harness is designed and made specifically for high output light bars which has substantially higher amperage draw than its smaller counterparts. Quick disconnect accessory is included with each of the harness so one can power up multiple apparatus off of a single on/off switch. Composed of 16 gauge wires, and a 40 amp relay, the MICTUNING wiring harness can be used to power up the largest 300 Watt LED off road light bar. An illuminated on/off LASER ROCKER SWITCH, and 2 set more than 12 ft of wiring, this wiring harness for LED off road lights simplifies the installation process of powering various equipment on all automobiles. Interchangeable/Compatible with: All automobiles and devices equipped with a 10 to 30Volt DC power source. Features: Illuminated ON/OFF LASER ROCKER SWITCH 40A Power Relay 30A Blade Fuse 2 set More than 12ft of wiring from battery to light fixture Accessory included from combining and powering multiple harness of off single switch Product Content: 1 x Wiring Harness(2 lead) + User Manual Full Wiring Kit with LASER ROCKER SWITCH ON/ OFF for All Light Bars especially 240 Watt or 300 Watt Installation: 1. connect the the red+ wire from the fuse to battery +; connect the black wire from the reply to the battery ¨C; 2. connect the wire for lights bar from the relay; (red/black correspond to the wire of lights bar) 3. turn on on/off button of switch to test the lights bar

Technical Details

  • 2 lead Wiring harness for HIGH POWER Light bars with LASER ON/ OFF ROCKER SWITCH; easy to install with our owner manual,
  • Max rated at 30A, 40A Power Relay, 30A Blade Fuse; Suitable for MICTUNING LED light bars 20" + / above 120 Watt
  • More than 12ft of wiring from battery to light fixture
  • Accessory included for combining and powering multiple harness of off single switch, even small wires and terminal to connect the rocker switch; Heavy Duty with 14 AWG wires; with it you can power up 2 heavy duty off road light bar above 120 watt, and the 2 lights must be turned on/off at the same time.
  • CAUTION: If the wiring harness wired to battery+/- directly, the rocker switch glowing even when the vehicle is off; it will stop glowing only if it is hooked to a source on your fuse panel that is activated by the key; dont let the wiring harness short circuit, it will be melt.

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