Migliore Ultimo Clay Towel: A Quick Effective Clay Bar Alternative


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as of 07/13/2024 (Details)

The Ultimo Clay Towel replaces a traditional clay bar and is much more cost effective. The towel is made with an advanced polymerized rubber technology which allows up to 50 uses per towel where a standard clay bar should be discarded after each use! Ultimo Clay Towel is of the best quality available on the market and sets the standard on removing surface contaminants and stuck on bugs and grime. The 12" x 12" surface area of the towel allows for a great time savings in comparison to a standard clay bar. Additionally, if the towel is dropped, it can be washed with a standard car shampoo and reused.

Technical Details

  • Highest quality clay towel available on Amazon.
  • Over 50 uses per towel.
  • 12" x 12" surface area allows for quick claying.
  • Much more cost effective than traditional clay.

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