Mini Workouts Volume #2 by Bike-O-Vision [Blu-ray]


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Bike-O-Vision Mini-Workouts Volume 2 A current trend in fitness is micro workouts : quick-but-intense sessions proven to reduce weight and lower blood pressure! For anyone with a busy schedule you can trade duration for an intense 5-minute workout and get quality results. Included are 10 selections, 5-minutes each, plus an extra optional warm-up at the start and cool-down at the end. All are top samples from over 67 Bike-O-Vision videos. Each has a warm-up period, then more intensity, maxing out uphill and then a final cool-down stretch- all while seeing some of the world s most fantastic places! So if you don t have time to commit to a full Bike-O-Vision journey every day, at least rotating these short-but-sweet workouts, one-per-day, will continue to produce the positive changes you desire! You also have optional meters and coaching. Twelve more great locations for your 'mini-workouts' such as: 1. Universal warm up among red-barked giants in CA s Sequoia National Park. 2. An easy flat stretch of windy Oregon coast with sea stacks and long beaches. 3. Authentically regal French town of Ambrose & farm fields in the Loire Valley. 4. Yosemite ups-and-downs to Glacier Pt. w/ views of Half Dome & waterfalls. 5. Long corridors of plane trees in the South of France + riviera cliffs & curves. 6. Mt. Tamalpais, high above San Francisco s foggy coast, is a cyclist s dream. 7. Arizona s Vermillion Cliffs: awe-strikingly beautiful w/ many changes in intensity. 8. Yellowstone National Park lives up to its reputation as the #1 National Park! 9. Costa Brava Spain challenges you with rugged cliffs and Mediterranean views. 10. Orcas, one of Washington s San Juan Islands offers its wild shore & highest peak. 11. One tough ascent to the scenic red-rock mesa of Colorado National Monument. 12. Universal 2-minute cool back in Oregon in deeply forested Columbia Gorge! 60 minutes, with upbeat background music, and optional meters and coaching.

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