Mint Flavored Professional Strength Tooth Polish – Medium, Coarse, or X-Coarse (Medium Grit)


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as of 10/25/2021 (Details)

14 Cups of Mint Parfait Flavored Professional Strength Tooth Polish. THIS IS THE EXACT SAME POLISH USED IN THE DENTAL OFFICE TO CLEAN TARTAR AND STAIN OFF YOUR TEETH!! Made in the USA. Available in both medium and coarse grits. Effectively removes coffee, tea, smoking, and other stains from your teeth leaving you with a whiter smile. JUST SPREAD SOME ON YOUR TOOTHBRUSH OR BATTERY OPERATED TOOTHBRUSH INTO THE TOOTH POLISH AND RUB ONTO TEETH TO REMOVE PLAQUE, TARTER, STAINS AND YOUR TEETH WILL LOOK A LOT WHITER!!! Available in MINT, BUBBLEGUM, ORANGE, CHERRY, STRAWBERRY, GRAPE, RASPBERRY, AND ASSORTED. Includes 14 - 2g cups. Photo enlarged to show detail. Made in the USA

Technical Details

  • Search our store for other Great Flavors such as Valencia Orange, Bubble Gum, Concord Grape, Cherry Tart, Raspberry Jam, & Assorted
  • BONUS - Includes 14 cups! - 2g each **EXACT Same polish used in the dental office to clean tartar and stains off your teeth
  • Use with your manual or electric toothbrush
  • Available in Medium, Coarse, and X-Coarse grit with fluoride.
  • Made in the USA.

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