MotorMAX Radiator Super Coolant


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as of 06/26/2022 (Details)

MotorMAX has been used in radiators for more than a decade on race tracks around the world to help race cars improve performance by reducing engine temperature. Now available for both your gas and diesel cars and trucks! Not only does it help protect your engine, it also improves gas mileage by reducing stress on your engine - and also makes your air conditioner put out colder air in summer, warmer air in winter! Recent test results from the EPA lab in Maryland show increased fuel efficiency of more than 3% and 10% decrease in emissions (see for details). MotorMAX is a ONE-TIME radiator treatment that works like a liquid heat sink, removing damaging heat from critical engine components 21 times better than water alone, eliminating hot spots and making your engine run cooler. It actually helps your engine get up to temperature faster, reducing warm-up time, and helps your engine run 10-30 degrees cooler during operation.

Technical Details

  • Improves fuel efficiency 3-5%
  • Reduces emissions and greenhouse gases 11%
  • Prevents overheating and reduces engine wear
  • Completely plant-based, organic, non-toxic product
  • Makes A/C warmer in winter, colder in summer

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