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as of 12/01/2021 (Details)

Easily create Web sites for home, business, or school using animation, sounds, music, and more. MyWebStudio automatically converts images and photos into a Web-ready format so that users don't need to know HTML. It works with Microsoft FrontPage, Adobe GoLive, and Macromedia Dreamweaver. Use the software to enhance your Web pages, videos, and presentations with 3-D objects organized in a customizable object gallery. Included are more than 145 highly detailed, prebuilt 3-D objects and professionally designed templates for banners and plaques.Animate your 2-D image in 3-D by creating an outline with the automatic outline tool. Create freeform polygons out of lines, arcs, and splines using the easy-to-use polygon creation tool. Trim or cut holes out of your 2-D objects. Create and manipulate light bulbs, spotlights, sunlight, and ambient lighting with powerful lighting tools. You'll have all the control you'll need to get the light effects you want. You can even animate your lights.

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