MYLAR Crinkle Balls Cat Toys – 4 Pack, 7 Pack, 12 Pack, 25 Pack, 36 Pack or 46 Pack


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as of 12/02/2021 (Details)

Your cat will benefit from playing with these fun crinkle balls by Prairie Horse Supply because it is important for your cat to keep fit and active, both mentally and physically. Exercise is essential for your cat's physical and mental health; playing relieves boredom, improves circulation, builds muscle and can prevent behavioral problems. There no better way to bring out your cat's natural instincts to stalk and chase prey than by engaging them with these bright fun crinkle balls from Prairie Horse Supply. The Prairie Horse Supply shiny lightweight mylar crinkle balls are very attractive to cats. When your cat bats these around, their movement along the floor will mimic scampering mice and other prey animals and this will entice your cat to chase. Plus, the crinkle noise will keep your cat's attention. These are sold in a variety of quantities, stock up!

Technical Details

  • Colorful, Lightweight and Shiny
  • Promotes Natural Exercise
  • Makes crinkle noise
  • 25 Pack
  • Brand: Prairie Horse Supply

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